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Support Our 2024 College Tour

Send A Student on the College Tour!

We Need You!

We need your help. The Franklin Wright College Tour is not a funded program. We rely on donations from people like you. $300 will go a long way to support sending one student on the College Tour. If you can do more, please do.  Our goal is not to leave even one child behind. Our students come from families who cannot afford the trip, or the items required to travel.  We also need luggage, toiletries, and gift cards for food and clothing. Please donate to the Franklin Wright College Tour.  Support our Journey to Higher Learning.


In 2019, Franklin Wright Settlements took 40 students from its Teen Center to Boston, New Jersey and New York.  Students toured the campuses and participated in information sessions at nine colleges.  The tour also included a memorable visit to Martha’s Vinyard.


This year, plans are underway to take students to colleges throughout  New Orleans and Atlanta.  Over the years, Franklin Wright has exposed more than 1,300 students to more than 100 universities.  As a result of the program, students have experienced 97% college enrollment.

Support the 2024 College Tour
A donation of any amount will help us in the 2024 College Tour!

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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Support Their Journey to Higher Learning

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