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Franklin Wright has put strategies in place to keep staff safe and prepare families and children for changed program services. 


The organization has taken the following precautions in keeping with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to re-open education and childcare facilities:

Daily Health Checks

Screen children upon arrival for symptoms and history of exposure

Healthy Hygiene Practices

Hand washing and temperature checks

PPE Station

Masks are worn by all employees and children over two years of age

Smaller Groups  

Reducing child to teacher ratios, i.e. 1 caregiver for every 4 children

Increased Spacing

Children will be distanced, even during nap time; no sharing of cots.

Eliminate Sharing  

All non-washable toys have been removed from the classrooms. 

Exclusion Criteria

Sick children are encouraged to stay home

A PPE station is the first thing visitors encounter upon entering the building.  When dropping off children, parents complete a form signing their child in, but are not allowed entrance into the building.  The child’s temperature is taken and their hands are washed.  Children are given socks to wear throughout the day; no street shoes are worn into the building.

All teachers have been tested and extensively trained on health and safety protocols.  Despite the restrictions, teachers are prepared to provide a stimulating experience for the children, including: reading, exercise, outdoor activities, lunch and nap time. Children have their own box of toys, crayons and other school supplies. Sharing of these items is prevented.

During the downtime, the Youthville facility has been thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and fogged by a professional company so that it would be safe and ready for reopening.

More information about Great State Wayne County can be found here.

Franklin Wright


Child Development Center

For children 6 weeks to 6 years old

Monday - Friday | 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM

includes breakfast, lunch, two snacks, diapers, milk/formula

Early Start Payment Form

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Pay here for your Annual, Weekly, or Drop-In Registration Fees in addition to any applicable late fees.

Erika Murray

Vice President, Early Childhood Programs

Franklin Wright

7375 Woodward Avenue | Detroit, MI  48202



We have made every effort to provide a safe nurturing environment. While we recognize that COVID 19 is very much with us, it is our goal to keep everyone safe.  It is also our job is to acclimate the community and the staff to the new protocols, while still providing a great experience for them and their families.”

Erika Murray, VP

Early Childhood Programs

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