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Free Virtual Therapy

Southeastern Michigan residents may be eligible to receive free virtual mental health therapeutic services. The goal of this program is to assist community members directly or indirectly impacted by COVID-19, to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety in order to return to an improved level of functioning.

Click here to sign up for virtual therapy 

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Summer Enrichment


Whether youth attend the After School Enrichment Program for general programming, basketball practice, or even a summer job with the Grow Detroit Young Talent, each student walks away enriched with a wealth of knowledge. Students experience music technology and production, yoga and meditation, digital media and technology, home economics, arts and culture, junior high and high school internship program, and much more. 

After School

Enrichment Program

The After School Enrichment Program is a comprehensive student success program designed to enhance the lives of underrepresented urban youth between the ages of 6 – 17.  With over 25,000 service hours, year to date, this program aids in providing student development opportunities through mentoring, tutoring and academic enrichment, life skills and social skills enhancement, and conflict resolution




Annually a select group of high school students from metro Detroit attend the college tour sponsored by Franklin-Wright Settlements. Many receive onsite admissions, and 100% of the students who have taken the tour attend college or vocational school.

Early Childhood

Development - Early Start

The specialized day care service supports infants, toddlers and families to ensure children are prepared to excel academically when they enter kindergarten. Early Start is committed to build healthy families and supportive parent networks. Services include enriched child care, daily drop-in, respite, before & after care, early childhood intervention and parenting support programs.


Youth Success Academy

Teen Center

Teen Center programming operates at Franklin – Wright’s main campus holding meetings and workshops twice a week after school hours for youth 13 – 18 years old. The program is designed to increase high school graduation rates, promote enhanced social competencies, teach vocational training and reduce youth violence. The program facilitates life-skills development, academic support, community activism and offers culturally based field trips as well as nutritious meals and snacks

Senior Outreach


Senior Outreach Services comprises seven programs through our partnership with DAAA and Focus Hope to support area residents who are of senior age.  As a provider, Franklin-Wright Settlements work to make sure seniors remain healthy, safe, and independent.  We support this population by offering congregate meals, transportation, socialization, enhanced fitness and access to community resources and the most appropriate and affordable combination of services that help them stay vibrant and active in the community for as long as possible with our help.

Virtual Therapy
Summer Enrichment Progra
After School Enrichment Program
College Tour
Early Child Development
Teen Center
Senior Outreach Services
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