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Franklin Wright's "In-Home Program" Scores 92% on Audit

Year-to-date, the In-Home Program has provided services for 215 non-duplicated clients with more than 2,927 hours of services rendered.

Franklin Wright Receives Audit Score of 92% on Program

In May of 2019, Franklin Wright completed an annual audit conducted by the Assured Family Services (AFS) and received a score of 92%. The In-Home program provides court ordered individual and family therapy to those persons who have unfortunately found themselves in the justice system.

Designed to create and rebuild the family structure, the program resolves issues which led to family separation. Through intense therapeutic services, the In-Home Program continues to make a substantial impact in the lives of children, adults and families.

2019 In-Home Program Goal

Our 2019 In-Home Program goal was to increase successful completion terminations for family reunification. We are proud to announce that successful terminations increased by 4%.

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