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Franklin Wright Partners with Mothering Justice to Help Mothers

Food, Baby Formula and Diaper Distribution; Monday, June 29, 2020, 3 - 5 PM at Franklin Wright Settlements, 3360 Charlevoix, Detroit, MI 48207; For more information call 313-579-1000

Franklin Wright Settlements is partnering with Mothering Justice to provide much needed baby formula and diapers for families. The formula and diapers will be distributed along with boxes of food during one of Franklin Wright’s weekly community food distributions, on Monday, June 29, 2020, 3 - 5 PM. Families in need are encouraged to visit Franklin Wright at 3360 Charlevoix on Detroit’s eastside.

“Formula and other baby supplies are expensive,” said Monique Marks, president and CEO of Franklin Wright. “We a

re excited about the partnership with Mothering Justice to provide food and baby necessities for mothers, especially during these times when families have been hit the hardest.”

Twice a week, Franklin Wright distributes tons of food to the community. On Mondays, food is distributed at its eastside location on Charlevoix. On Tuesdays, the staff at Franklin Wright delivers food to seniors and families, who are often isolated at home, or do not have access to transportation. Throughout the week, Franklin Wright provides emergency food assistance to individuals and families as needed.

With the mantra, “Equipping the next generation of mothers,” Mothering Justice is dedicated to returning decision making power to the ones affected by these decisions the most. The overall goal of this organization is to empower a well-organized group of mothers that can engage fellow mothers and law makers around a variety of issues that affect working families. For more information about Mothering Justice, visit

Franklin Wright Settlements, Inc. is a leading Detroit neighborhood human services organization existing to assist individuals, families, groups and the community with basic life, family and social needs. Embracing the settlement house philosophy, a multi-service holistic approach in cooperation with the community, Franklin Wright Settlements focuses on the prevention, treatment and amelioration of social problems through advocacy, programs, projects, activities, services and facilities. The enduring strength of Franklin Wright Settlements lies in the flexible, responsible programs that recognize ongoing basic needs, despite changing societal priorities and funding. For more information about Franklin Wright, visit



Monday, June 29, 2020, 3 – 5 PM

Franklin Wright Settlements, 3360 Charlevoix, Detroit, MI 48207

For Information, call: 313-579-1000

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