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Franklin Wright Embraces the Humanity of Every Individual We Serve

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Franklin Wright Settlements Inc. has always embraced the humanity of every individual we serve. Our tradition of providing service with respect and dignity is a staple of our existence today. We are both shocked and horrified by the senseless murder of African Americans at the hands of police officers in our country presently. It is a remnant of the cruelty and brutalization Black people experienced in America beginning in 1619.

It was in 1619 that the first Africans arrived in America as the property of our captors. A consistent narrative in America since that time has been the dehumanization and disenfranchisement of Black people in America. Franklin Wright Settlements Inc. works tirelessly to improve the quality of the lives of everyone we service. We are especially sensitive to the needs of our most vulnerable communities.

Monique Marks, CMSW, CEO Franklin Wright in Detroit stands against racism.
Monique D. Marks, CMSW, CEO, Franklin Wright in Detroit

Social justice for people of color is a global imperative. Nowhere is the need for equity for people of color more pronounced than in the United States of America. This is why we denounce the actions of police officers who are sworn to protect and serve the community when they use excessive and deadly force against Black people in America. In fact, any citizen who lives in fear of the police and not protected and served by police officers has our deepest support.

As an African American woman, married to an African American man, with an African American son and grandchildren, I refuse to accept police brutality against Black men as a societal norm. I refuse to believe that a country that proclaims to be “one nation under God” can attempt to legitimize the murder of Black people by police.

As an organization, Franklin Wright Settlements denounces rogue police behavior and the systemic rogue nature of law enforcement in America as it relates to communities of color. We stand with peaceful protest of systemic racism and murder. We understand the anger that fuels violent protest as a means of being “fed up” and wanting to be heard. We support efforts to reform, dismantle in some cases, and redirect resources of law enforcement agencies to enhance community based law enforcement.

The militarization of police forces in America is an activity that must come to an end. Black lives matter. This is not just an issue on which Black people should be crying out. Everyone has a duty to reject racism and brutality. Everyone has a duty to embrace the equitable and humane treatment of every citizen. 

Monique Marks, CMSW

President, Franklin Wright Settlements Inc.

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