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Franklin Wright Announces New Board Chair

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Harris, President and Academic Dean of the Ecumenical Theological Seminary, follows the late Rev. Dr. Robert Dulin, Jr. as Franklin Wright Chairman of the Board

Rev. Dr. Kenneth Harris, President and Academic Dean of the Ecumenical Theological Seminary

(Detroit, MI – September 2019) – Franklin Wright is pleased to announce that its board of directors elected Rev. Dr. Kenneth Harris as the new board chair. Dr. Harris, who is the president and academic dean of the Ecumenical Theological Seminary, succeeds the late Dr. Robert Dulin, Jr.

“I am deeply honored to be elected as the new board chair and look forward to working with my board colleagues to move the mission of Franklin Wright forward,” said Dr. Harris who previously served as board vice chair. “I want to thank the Franklin Wright board of directors for its confidence in me to serve as board chair. Together with my fellow board of directors, staff and stakeholders, we are making a positive difference and continue to work towards a vision to be the premier organization in Detroit, promoting and advocating for children and families."

Dr. Harris serves as president and academic dean and professor of Biblical Studies at the Ecumenical Theological Seminary. Beginning as a doctoral student in 1992, he previously served as the vice president of Academic Affairs and Academic Dean and has served in a number of other roles at the seminary. He is the founding pastor of the Detroit Bible Tabernacle where he has served for more than thirty years. He also serves on the Executive Board of the Great Lakes Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church, the Board of Trustees of Western Theological Seminary and Faculty Development Advisory Committee of the Association of Theological Schools.

“We are excited to have Dr. Harris as our board chair and look forward to his leadership,” said Monique D. Marks, president and CEO of Franklin Wright. “He has been a big contributor to our organization over the years, providing financial support and guidance. With the support of my fellow board members and the dedicated work of the staff, Franklin Wright continues to make significant inroads in moving our mission driven agenda forward, including preserving families, strengthening the community and helping children.”

About Franklin Wright

Franklin Wright Settlements, Inc. is a leading Detroit neighborhood human services organization existing to assist individuals, families, groups and the community with basic life, family and social needs. Embracing the settlement house philosophy, a multi-service holistic approach in cooperation with the community, Franklin Wright Settlements focuses on the prevention, treatment and amelioration of social problems through advocacy, programs, projects, activities, services and facilities. The enduring strength of Franklin Wright Settlements lies in the flexible, responsible programs that recognize ongoing basic needs, despite changing societal priorities and funding.

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