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COVID-19 Sheltering Alone; Seniors Need Our Help

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left no one untouched. Businesses and churches are closed. Workers are losing their jobs. Children are missing out on school. There is no doubt that the crisis has rippled across our community. But, despite this devastation, there's no sector more impacted than seniors, many of whom are sheltering at home alone in response to the government mandate.

Not surprisingly with many spouses gone and children away, seniors live alone leaving them to rely on human service agencies like Franklin Wright for food, recreation, companionship and other assistance.

"The impact of the pandemic is worse than any of us could have imagined," said Monique D. Marks, president and CEO of Franklin Wright. "We are taking precautions, because our work must continue. Our entire staff is working harder than ever to provide support and services to home bound seniors throughout Detroit."

Once able to visit Franklin Wright's facility for meals, exercise and fellowship, seniors must now rely on the organization's in-home services. They are unable to travel to the grocery store, nor is it safe with seniors being among the most vulnerable populations in danger of catching the corona virus. Many of them are afraid because of the uncertainty of the times.

Our trained staff of senior care workers continue to provide critical essential assistance seniors need during this difficult time, delivering nutritional staples like fresh groceries, toiletries, bottled water and other ancillary services.

We need your support.

We need your support to continue to offer help and hope as our country works to combat COVID-19.

Can we count on you?

Please visit to make a donation, or call


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