Mission Statement and Vision

Franklin-Wright Settlements, Inc. has been a strong force in helping the community help itself for over 134 years, and is a cornerstone of strength in supporting individuals, families, and groups on the east side of Detroit and throughout the tri-county area.

Mission Statement

Franklin-Wright Settlements, Inc. (FWS) is a leading Detroit neighborhood human service organization, existing to assist individuals, families, groups and the community with basic life, family, and social needs.  Franklin-Wright embraces the settlement house philosophy and a multi-service holistic approach in cooperation with the community.  FWS focuses on the prevention, treatment, and amelioration of social problems through advocacy, programs, projects, activities, services, and facilities.  The enduring strength of FWS lies in flexible, responsive programs that recognize ongoing basic needs, despite societal priorities and funding.

Our Values

Franklin-Wright’s values are based on the settlement house concept of self-help for the continuous improvement and preservation of the family.  Franklin-Wright strives to achieve this through excellence in service and equality of treatment.

FWS is rooted in a geographical neighborhood district.   Our goal is to know and understand the neighborhood and to help develop its potential by providing aid in obtaining the services people need.

FWS is concerned with the families and each of its members. It aims to afford opportunities for each individual to find and develop his or her potential for a satisfying life in the home, neighborhood, community and nation. In doing so, it supports the conviction that human beings have a capacity for self-direction and growth.

FWS crosses all line of race, religion, national origin, and economic status, seeking to improve relationships among individuals and groups with different backgrounds, while at the same time preserving the uniqueness of each culture. To this end, it provides opportunities for a variety of individual, group and inter-group experiences. FWS is innovative and flexible, developing methods and coordinated programs to meet specific needs, often demonstrating the value innovative activities.

Hot Topics

Summer 2018

Franklin-Wright is proud to be hosting 115 summer campers who are enjoying structured recreation to include cheer and basketball, tai chi, yoga, Mandarin Chinese and Arabic language, arts and crafts, cultural excursions, reading literacy and beat making.  The program comes with free lunch and snacks. Click Read More to see photos.

July 9-17, 2018

College Tour 2018! Annually a select group of high school students from metro Detroit attend the college tour sponsored by Franklin-Wright Settlements. Reserve your seat for the 2018 College Tour including New York!  

July 9 – Aug 24, 2018

Summer Enrichment Program. Learn more here.

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