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The Detroit Day Nursery and Kindergarten Association was founded in 1881 with privately funded by interested citizens.  After incorporation, the agency changed its name to the Franklin Street Settlement in 1901 and became Michigan's first social settlement. In 1967, the Franklin Settlement merged with the Sophie Wright Settlement, changing its name to the Franklin-Wright Settlement. The Settlement works to develop neighborhood potential, to help obtain needed services for neighborhood individuals, and to provide a neighborhood center for children and youth without regard to race, color or religion.

Today, Franklin-Wright Settlements, Inc. is the oldest permanent settlement house in the nation.  Programs include Early Childhood Education, Youth Enrichment, Recreation, Family Reunification Services, Mentoring, Counseling, Community Resources, and Senior Outreach Services.

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The Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP) Great Start Wayne – Main Websit (click Here)  

July 2019

College Tour 2019! Annually a select group of high school students from metro Detroit attend the college tour sponsored by Franklin-Wright Settlements. Reserve your seat for the 2019 College Tour including TBD!  

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