Grievances Process

Grievance shall consist of disputes between an employee and the Agency (FWS) concerning the interpretation or application of the Agency’s Policies and Procedures.

Grievances will be reviewed by the President  & CEO and or his/her designee.  Employees, contesting any action of discipline will be entitled to meet with the President  & CEO and/ or his/ her designate(s) to request and discuss reconsideration.  Employees may also elect to request reconsideration of a disciplinary decision in writing.  The response from the President  & CEO may be verbal or in writing within ten days of the request.  Failure by the President  & CEO to respond within the ten day period shall not be deemed material and shall not act as an automatic reconsideration.  The ten day period may be extended by the President  & CEO as necessary.   No employee shall be subjected to discrimination or adverse treatment for participating in the grievance procedure.

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