Community Outreach

Emergency Food Assistance

The Emergency Food Assistance program helps clients in crisis in immediate need for food. FWS staff assists in completing applications for programs such as: WIC, MiBridges and MiCafe. Individuals and families may receive food vouchers, Bridge Cards, pantry packs as well as hot, nutritious meals.

Michigan Benefits Access (MBA)

In an effort to fulfill the community’s ever-changing needs the MBA program was developed to allow FWS staff the opportunity to coordinate community resources like: existing rent assistance programs, utility assistance programs, and federal housing programs.

For more information about these programs contact us at  313.579.1000 or email

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18th Annual College Tour

July 12th – July 21st, 2019 College Tour 2019! Annually a select group of high school students from metro Detroit attend the college tour sponsored by Franklin-Wright Settlements. Reserve your seat for the 2019 College Tour including TBD!  

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