After School Enrichment Program

The After School Enrichment Program is a comprehensive student success program designed to enhance the lives of underrepresented urban youth between the ages of 7 – 17.  With over 25,000 service hours, year to date, this program aide’s in providing student development opportunities through mentoring, tutoring and academic enrichment, life skills and social skills enhancement, and conflict resolution.

Whether the youth are attending the After School Enrichment Program for general programming, basketball practice, or even a summer job with the Grow Detroit Young Talent Program, you can believe that each student is walking away enriched with a wealth of knowledge. Our current programs offered include – but are not limited to, music technology and production, yoga and meditation, digital media and technology, home economics, arts and culture, junior high and high school internship program, and much more. On average, both elementary and middle school students have improved their math scores and regular school day attendance by 40% since starting our program. Our Leaders in Training has a 100% success rate in sending off our young adults to college after they’ve participated on our tour.

This year we've partnered with the Youth Development Connection presenting I2D2: Fun, Fit, and Family to present nutritional facts and fun exercise routines that each family will love. As well as DJ Mo Master and The Music Production Lab presenting opportunities for students to create their own original music from start to finish! Our program has also partnered with Wayne State University’s School of Social Work where we offer hands-on training and experience to our interns and volunteers. Our upcoming events and opportunities include our Anti-Violence Youth Lock-In, Leaders in Training College Tour, Youth Summer Camp, Grow Detroit summer jobs.

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July 12th – July 21st, 2019 College Tour 2019! Annually a select group of high school students from metro Detroit attend the college tour sponsored by Franklin-Wright Settlements. Reserve your seat for the 2019 College Tour including TBD!  

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